Gear reducers and gearmotors

If compared to those on the market today, Rossi boosts one of the broadest ranges of gear reducers and gearmotors, both in terms of completeness and models offered, with a range of torques available that goes from 30 Nm to 3 million Nm.

It will therefore always be possible to find the product most suited to the customer's needs.

Worm gearmotors STANDARDFIT

AS Series

Worm gear reducers and gearmotors

A Series

Shaft mounted gear reducers

P Series

Right angle shaft Gear reducers

L Series

Helical and bevel helical Gear reducer

H Series

Helical and bevel helical extruders design

GX Series

Helical and bevel helical gear reducers and gearmotors

G Series

Coaxial gearmotors STANDARDFIT

ES Series

Coaxial gear reducers and gearmotors

E Series

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