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We innovate and boost operations by manufacturing performing, precise, reliable and high-quality products.
We are always one step forward in offering highly reliable products and in developing technical innovations that can satisfy an unlimited number of application needs, even in the most demanding conditions.

This is what our customers perceive as a major and actual added value.
For 60 years, we have been world leader in the manufacture of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors, used even in the most demanding applications. We meet the needs of the most complex processes, and move them as required.
At Rossi Group, innovation and professionalism represent our cutting edge, since 1953.


We specialize in the production of gear reducers and components in the mining, iron, plastic, chemical, building, ceramic, food, marine, handling, water and waste treatment sectors. The possibility of providing customized solutions allows us to optimize performance and, at the same time, be economically competitive with an optimal quality/price ratio.

From our city of origin, Modena, we have inherited our vocation for perfection. Our home town is the capital of Italian precision mechanics, and is the cradle of automotive tradition with luxury car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Pagani.
The quality of our products, innovative solutions, technical competence and the investments in Research and Development, together with the advanced technologies used have always been our distinctive traits.