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June 2014 marks the first day of business for Rossi North America in Suwanee, Georgia. A subsidiary of Rossi S.p.a, with headquarter in Modena, Italy, one of the largest industrial groups for the production and sales of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors.

Rossi North America covers the US and Canadian market, with a complete staff of professional and skilled engineers for providing the finest service to customers. The assembly of gear reducers directly on site makes the difference: rapid and reliable deliveries for all US and Canada states. We always aim to be one step ahead in the business of supplying products which offer an absolute reliability and in developing the technical specifications to a multitude of different applications.

For Rossi, quality, continuous investment and systematic research into new solutions have always provided the main focus for the business.

Rossi is a market leader in the heavy industry, such as mining, metal, plastic and rubber, etc.. Even in the toughest environment, Rossi offers state of the art technology and quality solutions for the most demanding applications. Rossi is Market Driven and strives to be a company “easy to work with” and with high customer orientation