Global Customer Care

 MG 6657Quality of service is important to Rossi, which has included excellence among its objectives since 1980.

A staff of qualified people to focus on service to Customer:

  • TSM (Technical Support Mechanical):
    - Technical support to sales
    - Selection and verification
    - Training for new employees
    - Special approval for technical feasibility and price definition; related drawings
  • Customer Service:
    - Point of contact for Customers for orders management
    - Order entry for Direct Customers
    - Training for new employees

  • Shipping:
    - Packaging and transport management from Rossi plants to all Rossi companies and Customers worldwide

  • After sales:
    - Point of contact for Customers for claims related to Rossi products
    - Training about maintenance and gear products reparation

Registered customers may also have more information about their orders online on Rossi For You Portal.

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