Servo gear reducers (worm, coaxial, helical and bevel helical units)

Type MR  Servo gear boxes direct coupling

Wide range of servo gear  boxes without motor specifically designed for motion control, with minimum overall dimensions.
Designed for the highest torsional stiffness and the lowest angular backlash, for the maximum torque and overhung loads
Bush with slots and hub clamp for servo motor coupling
• Enhanced dimensional compactness due to direct servo motor coupling
• The correct technical solution thanks to a comprehensive range of sizes, gear stages, transmission ratios, designs, and non-standard designs
• Widest range of possible servo motor coupling dimensions

Type R Servo gear boxes with bell housing and coupling

Standard input flanges for servomotor Input shaft: with torsionally rigid elastomer coupling
Output shaft: smooth solid shaft with or without key; hollow shaft with keyway or with shrink discs
• Manufacturing program and product types suitable to ensure full coupling possibility to all servomotors available on the market, thanks to standard products
• High stability and stiffness of servomotor-gear reducerconnection
• Backlash-free servomotor keying
• Easy servomotor dismounting even after long running periods

pdf  Servo gear reducers (worm, coaxial, helical and bevel helical units) catalogue SR13 Edition February 2013 (5.85 MB)