Helical and bevel helical gear units for extruders Cat.GX

  • universal mounting having feet integral with housing on 4 faces;
  • standard solid low speed shaft made of steel with customizable screw shank hole;
  • gear reducers: input face with machined with fixing holes; high speed shaft end with key;
  • gearmotors: motor directly keyed into hollow high speed shaft provided (Ø 38) with four cuts and hub clamp ;
  • roller bearings: cylindrical roller bearings (low speed shaft) and tapered roller bearings, excluding some shafts (high speed shaft) on which bearings are cylindrical roller or ball type;
  • cast iron single-piece (for size 100 ... 360) housing 200 UNI ISO 185 (spheroidal UNI ISO 1083 for sizes 140, 180, 225, 280, 360, 400 … 451) with stiffening ribs and high oil capacity;
  • oil bath lubrication; synthetic or mineral oil  with filler plug with valve, drain and level plugs;
  • natural or forced cooling (with inner heat exchanger, coil or independent cooling unit with oil/water heat exchanger);
  • «long» model: it is derived from the standard one (completing it) through the addition of an idle gear between wheel and pinion of the first reduction stage hence allowing to distance considerably the input and output shafts, whilst maintaining the same specifications and performances as the standard model.

pdf  Parallel shaft gear reducers and gearmotors for extruders Catalog GX09 Edition January 2011 (1.96 MB)
pdf  Operating instructions gear reducers and gearmotors Edition June 2013 (776 kB)


  • 1: 18 Sizes (100 ... 451)18 Sizes (100 ... 451)
  • 2: Power PN2 ≤ 1,710 kWPower PN2≤ 2,300 hp
  • 3: Nominal torque TN2 ≤ 132,200 N mNominal torque TN2 ≤ 1,200,000 lbf in
  • 4: Transmission ratio iN 6,3 ... 28Transmission ratio iN 6.3 ...28