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High efficiency asynchronous three-phase motors Cat. TX Featured

The new TX advanced design motors sharing the same stator windings, the same rotors, the same housings, the same flanges, the same performance, and the majority of technical solutions with its twin brake motor series (HBZ, HBF, HBV). The generous electromagnetic sizing allow to achieve high efficiency values complying with different energy saving regulations:

  • three-phase motor complying with efficiency class IE2, MEPS Level 1A, EISA Energy Efficient (according to voltage supply); on request IE3, MEPS Level Heff-A, Premium Efficiency;
  • brake motor complying with class IE1; on request IE2, MEPS Level 1A, EISA Energy Efficient.

The electric design (terminal block, name plate, etc.) has been studied to comply, as standard, also with NEMA MG1-12 for the maximum application flexibility and facility.

For any other technical question please consult us at the Contact page.

pdf  High efficiency asynchronous three-phase motors Premium Line Catalog TX11 IE3 Extended Edition January 2015 (4.86 MB)
pdf  Operating instructions High efficiency motors Cat-.TX11 Edition July 2012 (1.08 MB)


  • 1: Sizes 63...280Sizes 63...280
  • 2: Power P1= 0,06...90 kWPower P1= .08...120 hp
  • 3: 2, 4, 6, 8 poles2, 4, 6, 8 poles