Rossi presents its new large size range for heavy industry

New range of gear units especially studied for heavy industry applications, conceived as an integration of the H catalog.

The product studied for particularly heavy applications derives from Rossi’s decades long experience in the construction and mining sectors.

The new sizes (633, 710, 800, 900 e 1000) extend the range of the present 400 kN m up to 1700 kN m and permit Rossi to be a one stop shop supplier for its customers, able to offer the right solution for whatever need.

The range has the typical features of Rossi H products, including a particularly rigid cast iron split housing, optimized gear profiles and an improved thermal dissipation capacity, assuring top performance for heavy industry applications.




shaft range

A wide range of transmission ratios (also low ones) and the customization according to specific customer needs, thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories (sensors, cooling/warming systems, forced lubrication, etc.) make Rossi solutions particularly suitable for heavy industry applications.

The cutting-edge design and production guarantee the typical high quality and performance of Rossi products.

A qualified technical-commercial service and the possibility to supply products installed on drive units (gear reducer, motor, coupling and support) specifically designed and realized for the customer, make Rossi the ideal partner for the most challenging customers.

The main advantages are:

  • One stop shop supplier offering a comprehensive range in terms of sizes and torque values

  • Optimized gear profiles, assuring top level performance and reliability

  • Low noise level

  • High stiffness of cast iron housing

  • Improved thermal power dissipation capacity

  • Compact design and reduced overall dimensions

  • Comprehensive range of transmission ratios (also low ones) for whatever application need

  • Wide range of accessories for temperature, vibration, etc. monitoring, cooling/warming systems, forced lubrication systems, etc.

  • Possibility to offer products directly installed on drive units (support, gear reducer, motor and coupling) designed and built according to specific customer needs.

  • Available also in Atex design.

  • Solutions customized on request

The extension towards large sizes follows Rossi’s strategy to offer a comprehensive range in terms of solutions thought for heavy industry applications, such as mining, metal industry, aggregates, sugar, chemical industry, palm oil, etc.

These are particularly heavy applications, requiring cutting-edge solutions in terms of performance and reliability, where Rossi, more than other competitors, is acknowledged by the market to be able to supply top level products.