Range of planetary gear units (medium and large sizes)

planetaryNew range of planetary gear units of medium and large sizes, extending and integrating its actual range up to 3.000 kN m.

The new products, available with coaxial and right angle configuration, offer a wide range of inputs (electric motor flange, hydraulic motor flange) and outputs (solid and hollow shaft, cylindrical and splined shaft, integral pinion shaft and locking assembly) making Rossi range really suitable for every application.

This is a modular product range, so that all products can be assembled also by affiliated companies and distributors and customized in short times. The cutting-edge design and technological production guarantee the typical high quality and performance of Rossi products.

planetary range

Among the several new features, we remind about the main ones

  • Comprehensive range of coaxial and right angle planetary gear units
  • Wide range of outputs
  • Wide range of inputs suitable for electric and hydraulic motors
  • Wide range of transmission ratios suitable for several applications
  • Quality and surface machining better than standard ones offered by competitors
  • Low noise level
  • Input design improving oil cooling
  • Patented magnetic plugs facilitating maintenance operations without oil drainage
  • Reduced maintenance intervals
  • Design suitable for axial rotation of housing
  • Coupling with parallel and right angle shaft gear reducers in order to get high transmission ratios with reduced overall dimensions (see pictures)

The extension towards large sizes follows Rossi’s strategy to offer a comprehensive range in terms of solutions thought for heavy industry applications, such as mining, metal industry, aggregates, sugar, chemical industry, palm oil, etc.

These are particularly heavy applications, requiring cutting-edge solutions in terms of performance and reliability, where Rossi, more than other competitors, is acknowledged by the market to be able to supply top level products.