Motor bell housing series BH

New motor bell housing catalog BH

We are pleased to inform you in Download section you will find our new bell housing catalogue (direct link here)

Whilst keeping the gearmotor design according to our philosophy, we propose an alternative solution with interposed elastic coupling

Connection of electrical motors with gear reducers by means of flexible coupling.
Available connection for IEC standard electrical motors, mounting position IM B5, from size 100 to size 355.
Available connection for gear reducers, helical and bevel helical type, from size 125 to size 400.


Bell housings designed to reach the best performances of strength and stiffness and provided as standard with two inspection windows and guards to allow easy maintenance.
Nodular cast iron housings suitable for a range of temperature between -20°C and +50°C .
With environment conditions exceed these values, please contact us. .


campana motore copia



Standard solution realized with elastic coupling (steel or cast iron hubs and rubber flexible elements) suitable for maximum input values (power/speed) stated at page 5.
Design temperature: -30°C / +50°C . In case of different values, please contact us.
Possible solution with different types of couplings (geared, flexible all-steel , ...) available also in case of ATEX environment.