NEW ! Upgrade of S catalog

Rossi S.p.A. presents its upgrade of the S catalog of heavy duty roller table motors.

The new catalog upgrade refers to :


  • brand new size 112 added (4, 6 poles)
  • new winding designs to meet the IE3 efficiency class even for P1<7,5 kW
  • size 200 (4, 6 poles improved in power)
  • new size 260LX 6 added (25 kW)
  • available torque range Mk 36...1 700 Nm
  • IEC standard asynchronous three-phase 4 and 6 poles motors with cage rotor, totally enclosed, without fan, especially designed and manufactured for inverter feeding in the iron and steel industries, in particular mill roller tables and conveyor roller tables.
    The motors combined with coaxial, parallel shaft and also right angle shaft gear reducers from the manufacturing program of Rossi (comprehensive, modular and high performance) enable to obtain compact and reliable drive systems.


    motor S low