NEW ! Upgrade of EP catalog

Rossi S.p.A. presents its upgrade of the EP catalog of planetary gear reducers and gearmotors with extended range up to  3 000 000 Nm.

The new catalog integrates 20 sizes + 4 sizes from 1600 Nm to 710 000 Nm + 4 up to 3 Mio Nm.


With this NEW catalog, Rossi wants to be one of the first in his sector to give a concrete example on how new technologies and renewed commitment to sustainable practices have provided us with the opportunity to make environmentally friendly printing decisions. That's why the catalog is printed in A5 format, to reduce volume of paper, and printed on Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC® ) certified paper.
The graphic layout was the writing guideline of this catalog, and it actually permits a user-friendly search.