• Update of the information system introducing the ERP software Oracle Enterprise One (Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, computerization of subsidiaries) with the aim of placing the customer first and making Vision 2000 standards the company's essential management tool.
  • Completion and restructuring of company logistics with a fully automated warehouse. Strengthened position in European and world markets.
  • Launch of the new portal RossiForYou , allowing customers to select online gearboxes, to place orders and perform order tracking, to obtain a wide variety of information as well as receive invoices, etc. Rossi is near their customers 24/7, wherever and whenever...!
  • A complete automation of the sales organization with the application "Rossi Solution" within "Rossi for you" portal.



  • 2010
Logo and Company name change: from 'Rossi Motoriduttori' to 'Rossi S.p.A.'
  • 2009
(July) Habasit Holding owns 100% Rossi


  • 2004
Habasit acquires important share in Rossi, to reinforce global presence and develop growth strategy.
October 2004: Rossi Group signs a partnership agreement with the Swiss company Habasit AG. This agreement will allow the Rossi group to grow on an international basis by sharing its resources with the Swiss-based company Habasit, a world market leader in the manufacture and sale of power transmission belts and conveyor belts. By signing this agreement, Habasit has become a minority shareholder of the Rossi Group. 
  • 2002
Acquisition of S.ME.I.
In 2002 the group took over the Italian company SMEI in Lecce, a manufacturer and distributor of planetary gear motors for the national and international market. This acquisition permits the group to complete its range of products in a field of great strategic interest.





  • Parallel and right-angle shaft gear reducers and gear motors with universal mounting and monobloc;
  • first transmissions manufacturer in Italy and second in Europe to obtain ISO 9001 Quality System Certification;
  • low-noise brake motor and industrialization of independent cooling of the electric motor;
  • introduction of universal mounting and a new modular system in coaxial gear reducers: the best proof of Rossi's ability to interpret the concepts of innovation and economy and how economy can be achieved through rationalization rather than compromise. Only company in Europe to provide a 3-year warranty on product;
  • extension of the direct sales organization abroad with the launch of the Australian subsidiary and acquisition of SEIMEC Electric motors.





  • Worm gear reducers and gear motors with universal mounting, monobloc casing and ZI involute profile;
  • introduction of flexible machining system;
  • extension of direct sales organization abroad with the establishment of the German, English, French and Spanish subsidiaries.





Rossi defines its objective of providing maximum reliability for standard range products and maximum technical assistance in their application to offer its customers long-term added value and the best price to performance ratio application to offer its customers long-term added value and the best price to performance ratio.



Before 1970


As laid down by its founder Gilio Rossi, the company has always been committed to product quality, the importance of continuous investment and systematic research into new solutions as its prime objectivesand systematic research into new solutions as its prime objectives.